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Super Flex - A new type of ink-saving flexo, folding, and glue all-in-one machine


Super Flex Flexo Folder-Gluer offers Ink Saving)

Super Flex is a new type of flexo, folding, and glue machine introduced by Isowa. It has a body size of 48 x 110 inches or 53 x 110 inches and uses a new ink system that can be placed directly on the desktop for work. Due to the use of a closed, non-recirculating ink system, the loss of ink is reduced, and the waste water can be automatically cleaned while changing the color group.

The ink system has ink grooves on both ends of the transfer roller and the rubber roller. The ink supply unit is mounted on the top of the printing unit and is equipped with two ink pumps, and there is a fixed small ink tank between them. The ink supply device continuously feeds ink back and forth along the roller axis, recovers the remaining ink, and rapidly returns to the circulation system to reuse it.

In order to reduce the consumption of ink and shorten the cleaning cycle, each time the work is completed, the two pumps start to quickly remove a large amount of ink between the two rollers.

Once the ink has been recovered, a small amount of approximately 7 ounces of fresh water will flow from the upper end of the ink supply to the cleaning roller and be scraped off with the remaining ink by a doctor blade mounted on the bottom of the rubber roller shaft. The pipe on the edge of the component flows into the waste collection tank.

The advantages of Super Flex are:
* When the color is changed, the wear of each color ink will be greatly reduced, and it only takes about 3-5 ounces of ink, which is only 11/410 of the loss of an ordinary flexible printer ink.

* When changing the printing color, the color-washing wastewater can also be reduced to just 7-9 ounces of liquid per color, which is about 1% of the amount of waste water in a typical flexo printer.

* Since waste ink and clean water are drastically reduced, it is also possible to install a standard waste tank under the printing unit. The waste water trap required for traditional flexo presses is not necessary anymore. Therefore, it was kept clean and there was no large amount of waste ink, waste liquid or waste water.

In addition to the reform of the printing section, the Super Flex machine is also equipped with a full-vacuum crippling paper feeding system to keep the work even when the cardboard is twisted. With the variable pole controller, the degree of vacuum can be adjusted to any level. As an alternative, the leading edge feeders from Sun can also be equipped at random. In addition, this machine also has a standard printing and debugging function. When debugging, only one piece of paper can be printed, which ensures the quality of work in the future and reduces waste.

The machine can also automatically set the kerf position and kerf depth. Each axis is controlled by its own Positioning Controller (PCU), which results in extremely high positioning accuracy and ensures that the machine moves quickly and directly from one position to the next, reducing setup time.

The machine's glue roller, left and right folding rollers, and tapered rollers are all automatically positioned by the positioning controller (PCU). The speeds of the left and right sides of the folding device belt can also be individually adjusted according to the working conditions, effectively preventing the emergence of the fishtail fold and improving the accuracy. The taper roller is also used for the roller at the outlet to ensure that the folding is accurate and stable without reducing the strength of the box.

The coder uses an upper limit sensor and an auto-polarization controller to maintain the stack height and to protect the coated cardboard from shocks and to achieve a smoother gluing. The paper receiver utilizes a lifting system that ensures that the paper can be placed neatly from the first page to the last page.

The aligning parts of the paper and its entrance, the counter door and the whole paper counter and output part are all automatically positioned by the positioning control part, which ensures the accuracy of the work. In addition, the machine also has a stacker counter, which ensures that the irregularly-sized or simply die-cut boxes can be accurately counted. In addition to the ordinary RCS, a crescent-type unloader is added to prevent the collapse of the box from collapsing. .

The machine also provides an optional device, an overhead stacker, which allows unfolded paper to bypass the paper counter. In addition, an automatic lifting and conveying line can directly transport the folded glued cardboard to the lifting device at the end of the counting and outputting device to start stacking. In this way, those papers that are die-cut, double-layered, without zigzag or kerf can also be stacked.

Finally, the FEM-90's production control CRT screen can automatically store and coordinate 8000 processing programs and provide human-machine dialogue capabilities. When a problem occurs, the ringer alerts the operator and displays the cause of the shutdown on the screen.

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